Hold the Door! The Iron Throne is coming to Nottingham

Despite taking place in the 13th century, The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood contains humorous anachronisms, pop culture references, and British comedy wackiness. For all those reasons, we decided in preproduction that it would be funny if Prince John sat on the Iron Throne. This is how I built it.

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I’m tired

It’s been almost a week since High School Musical ended, and I was tired. So tired in fact that I was a sleep on the couch at 7 on a Friday night. While we had gotten the entire set dismantled last Monday, the job was far from done. I had 25 walls and floor platforms, four flights […]

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The Set Strikes Back

You might wonder what happens to the set after a production. Simple. We blow it up. As exhilarating as rocket propelled demolition might be, I would still have a mess to clean up and an email from our head of maintenance asking why the paint of the stage was damaged. Not to mention the school […]

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Smile! Wildcat Photo Booth

About a month before the show Meg Lau emailed me about building a photo booth. She was nice enough to send a picture which always makes the job easier. I didn’t fully understand why at the time but I’ve remarked several times in the past that I don’t have to understand to build it. 😜 […]

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Safety First but Installed last

With a two story set, we needed a railing.  This year I was done with cobbled together 2×4 railings like in the past. They ruin the illusion. I knew could do better. For Arsenic & Old Lace the design called for a turn of the century Victorian home. A railing made of 2×4 baluasters definetly […]

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