The Indiana Jones Easter egg no one noticed for 37 years

If you search Indiana Jones Easter Eggs, Google will throw at you a few million results. Most highlight all the Star Wars references hidden in the films or Indiana Jones references hidden in the Solo movie. For example as Sallah and Indy remove the Ark of the Covenant from it’s stone crate, R2-D2 and C-3PO can be spotted hiding in plain sight as hieroglyphics on a pillar.

See Star Wars did indeed happen “a long time ago” about 5,000 years ago to be exact.

But if you dig deeper you will start to find references to an obscure 1954 film, Secret of the Incas. In the movie Charlton Heston plays Harry Steele, a proto-Indiana Jones character. Steele isn’t an archaeologist though, he’s an American adventurer who earns a living as a seedy tourist guide in Peru.


Steele’s ultimate goal—and the film’s MacGuffin—is to find the Sunburst. The Sunburst is a gold disk encrusted with over a 100 diamonds and other precious jewels. Legend says this ancient Peruvian treasure has the power to restore the Inca empire to its former glory.

You don’t have to look very hard to see the similarity.

There are, in fact, several Easter eggs from Secret of the Incas in Raiders of the Lost Ark. First is the location. Both films take place in Peru but that’s been documented numerous times before. Another is in the final ten minutes of the film when Steele uses a golden mirror to reflect a beam of light to show the secret location of the Sunburst much like the Map Room scene from Raiders.

They’re digging in the wrong place!

There is also an Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Easter egg. After escaping Cusco, Peru via a stolen airplane, Steele and love-interest Romanian defector Elena Antonescu travel down river in a—you guessed it—a big yellow raft.


So what’s this secret, never before seen Easter egg you ask? It’s actually the Secret of the Incas’ MacGuffin. The Sunburst makes a brief cameo in Raiders at about the six minute mark as Indy and Satipo enter the inner sanctum of the Chachapoyan temple to retrieve the golden idol.

Indiana walks right past the Sunburst paying it no attention. Personally, I would have had Satipo grab it while I got the idol.

It’s easy to miss. The Sunburst only gets about three second of screen time in Raiders. I’ve always noticed the golden disk and for years wondered why neither of the men grabbed it.

It wasn’t until yesterday that I saw the connection when I watched Secret of the Incas for the first time. Hopefully, I don’t have to turn in my Indiana Jones fan card for having waited so long to watch it.

So there you have it. The Indiana Jones Easter egg that’s remained hidden in plain sight since the movie’s 1981 release. You can watch the full Secret of the Incas movie on YouTube. Raiders of the Lost Ark is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

If you know of a web page that documents the Sunburst Easter egg before me, please include a link to it in the comments below. Thanks!

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