How the Strasburg Halloween Parade might save the fall play

Could showing up for a parade help sell more tickets to the fall play?

I think so. But we’ll find out for sure in two weeks.

Attending the annual Strasburg Halloween Parade was yet another cog in Operation #SoldOutShow.

Let me start by saying if you think going to a parade is fun being in one is even better! There’s a certain thrill throwing candy to screaming bystanders. One of those times that illustrated the point that it’s better to give than receive. My son and I had a great time!

From a promotional standpoint, the event was a HUGE success. It is THE Halloween event in the Lampeter-Strasburg school community with HUNDREDS of people in attendance, and we gained a massive amount of FREE publicity and exposure from participating.

Beyond being a long day, it wasn’t much work prepping for the event. I borrowed a hitch and flatbed trailer from a friend. I literally sent ten minutes decorating the float. I reused several set pieces and props we had on hand for the show including two Sherwood Forest stumps, the Iron Throne, sacks of money, and the show’s sign we post outside the school near the road.

For the parade our Merry Band consisted of ten students which was outstanding. The cast has more than twice that many but many of the actors are also in the marching band.


Between those ten thespians, my son, Benson, and I, we distributed four giant bags of candy over the one mile parade route. We probably could have used more.

The participating cast members did a great show. They positively interacted with parade bystanders while passing out candy. They repeatedly called out the name of the show and performance dates while stressing the show was family friendly.

In my opinion, the event was a huge success and a lot of fun. Everyone said that they would do it again next year. Do you know what? Me too.

Although next year we’ll distribute quarter sheets of paper advertising the show along with the candy.

As to how successful was the parade for our Merry Band, we won’t know for sure until November 9 at 7 pm when the curtain rises for The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood. 

Click here to find out how successful we were.

Mark your calendar

Performances will in the Lampeter-Strasburg High School Performing Arts Center on November 9, 10, and 11 at 7 pm with a special matinee performance on Saturday, November 11 at 2 pm. Tickets are on sale from October 30 through November 10 in the high school main office week days from 2 to 4 pm. Tickets are also available at the door.

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