LEGO Storytellers: Bringing your Favorite Minifigs to Life

Does your son love LEGOs? Is your daughter the special that Vitruvius foretold? If so, then LEGO Storytellers camp is for your son or daughter!

Bring your LEGOs and Mega Bloks to life at LEGO Storytellers by creating original shorts and movies with stop-motion animation using a personal digital camera or mobile device enhanced by a variety of free apps including stop-motion, fx, and video editing to create multi-scene videos with transitions, titles, credits, sound effects and narration.

In addition, students will build their own props and backgrounds out of LEGOs and other materials.

LEGO Storytellers will be held Monday, June 26 through Friday, June 30 in the morning from 9 am to noon.

Movies can be uploaded to YouTube for sharing with friends and family. An iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone is requested, but a capable Android device can be used if no iOS device is available.

hulk angry
Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like it when I’m angry. Check out this fun LEGO movie Trailer from last year.

I have set up a YouTube channel for the class. My plan is to upload our videos there. The videos should be anonymous since we will be filming minifigs and not ourselves. But if you have any concerns, let me know.

Your child is welcome to bring his or her own LEGOs and minifigs for use in creating our videos. I’ll be bringing a bunch of my son’s as well. Any priceless LEGOs should stay at home. I’m envisioning a lot of LEGOs in the room, and it can be easy to lose track of them. My son leaves a trail everywhere he goes.

minecraft lego
Check out this fun Minecraft video made last year.

Things to bring:

  • Charging cable for your mobile device.
  • LEGOs and/or Mega Bloks
  • Minifigs

Optional things to bring:

  • Tri-pod or stand for the device.
  • Snack. We provide a snack but for many boys it’s not enough.

Below are a list of apps to download in advance if possible. Last I time checked these were free. We’re an Apple family so I’m less familiar with things on the Android side but I’m sure we can find similar apps.

I will have a several digital cameras and mobile device tripods (for iPhone and iPod size devices) on hand for anyone who does not have a device or device stops working.


I hope to see you there. For more information and to register visit the Millersville Technology & Engineering Camps website.

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