Smile! Wildcat Photo Booth

About a month before the show Meg Lau emailed me about building a photo booth. She was nice enough to send a picture which always makes the job easier.

Our inspiration

I didn’t fully understand why at the time but I’ve remarked several times in the past that I don’t have to understand to build it. 😜

As it turned out the idea was to have a Wildcat themed photo booth in the lobby for photos. In addition the girls working the lobby concession stand for the show would be wearing High School Musical red and white outfits.

Mercedes and Shannon rockin’ their best Wildcat red and white

I debated building the photo booth out of furring strips and lauan–my go to stage building materials. After sleeping on it, I decided that PVC pipe would look better, be easier to build, and store.

This is an easy project. Here are the supplies you need.

  • Two 5 foot pieces of 1-1/4 inch PVC
  • Two 4 foot pieces of 1-1/4 inch PVC
  • Two 3 foot pieces of 1-1/4 inch PVC
  • Four 1 foot pieces of 1-1/4 inch PVC
  • Two 90 degree elbow connectors
  • Four three-way connectors

The hardware store I go to sold the PVC pipe in 10 foot lengths so I only had to buy three pieces. The lengths available at your hardware super store will probably differ.

I decided against gluing the pieces together. While the photo booth is not heavy, it’s on the large size. Being able to break the structure down makes storage a snap. I envision us using this again in the future. Possibly as soon as May for the prom.

For attaching the balloons, Meg found this inexpensive and easy solution: Balloon Decoration Strip.


Here’s the finished product. Pretty awesome, right!?!

Finished product

In addition, the group smartly added a suggested hashtag of #LSHSM for social media branding.

Furthering the High School Musical themed lobby, we painted our mobile 4×8 triangles Wildcat red with white racing strip for the call board. The results were great!

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