Something is missing

Something was missing from the set but what?

In the few weeks before the show I’ve been walking around the high school thinking, “What does the high school have but not the set?”

Club posters.

Unfortunately in today’s social media ruled world it’s a completely ineffective way to communicate with the student body. But that’s a story for another post.

The shows has several cliques–jocks, brainiacs, thespians, skaters, and cheerleaders–and they all needed their own posters.

The show also mentions several clubs and teams such as skydiving, horticulture, drama, scholastic decathlon, and basketball. I decided to make posters for them too.

I also pulled flyers I found around the L-S high school and recreated them but with a East High School Wildcat twist.

Most of these posters will be too small for the audience to read but that doesn’t make them any less fun. Download a PDF copy for yourself.

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