Magic of Paint

The set is just a pile of lumber–random lengths of 2×4 and scraps of lauan–until it gets painted. That’s exactly what happened today. While I was racing pinewood derby cars with the Cub Scouts, the art team lead by Scott Cantrell and Meg Lau performed their transformational magic.

Here’s the set on Friday before paint.

No paint on Friday

Here it is on Sunday after a fresh base coat of white paint.

Paint on Sunday

Below you can see the crew of student painters. Notice anything?

Hey, boys, looking for a date?
Paint crew might be the place to find it!

If you examine the picture, you’ll see everyone there is a girl. It might be time to join the paint crew, guys.

I can’t wait to see the finished the product in a few short weeks.

In addition, here’s one of the banners for the show the art students have been prepping.

You can see all L-S High School Musical set photos from planning until now here. 


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