Raiders of the Lost Set

It’s been another productive week thanks again to my student build team. In the image below you can see how we ended things on Friday last week followed by Monday’s monster build which involved hauling walls out of storage from the ramp room.


We added more second story walls on Wednesday. Luckily, we were able to salvage the walls from the 86’d pit band addition for use on the second floor. On Thursday, we added more lauan wall coverings on both the first and second floors.


I’ve been pushing hard all week because the set painters are having a “paint party” this weekend. I’d like to have as much there for them possible to coat with primer.

Here’s how we left things this afternoon. A majority of the visible structure is sheaved in lauan and ready for paint. There’s still a lot of tedious detail work remaining but those finishing touches go a long way.

Raiders of the Lost Set

In between building set before and after school, Patrick Nightingale and I took across town trip to Dutch Apple Dinner Theater to return borrowed set pieces and pick up news ones for High School Musical.

As we prepared to leave, Pat asked if I minded driving.

“No, of course not.”

Except I’d never driven anything this large especially on a windy day. First time for everything. But Pat had gotten no fault insurance coverage so there was nothing to lose.

This was my first trip to Dutch Apple’s storage barn. It’s quite the sight. Imagine a warehouse was completely filled with props–pieces of furniture from every time piece along with mysterious objects of unknown origins. I was so busy unloading and loading that I forgot to take a picture. But this still from the warehouse scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark is practically the same thing.

Dutch Apple’s Set Storage
I did however manage to snap this picture of our full moving truck filled with lockers, cafeteria tables, and red student desks.

I’ve never driven a truck of this size before. Good thing Pat got the no fault insurance coverage.
The best part of our trip?

After getting back someone said, “I don’t think we still need the cafeteria tables.”

I don’t think we still need the cafeteria tables.

Two days later as I was leaving I saw those two cafeteria tables set up for rehearsal. I knew they would change their mind.

Our “red” treasures from our raid on Dutch Apple.

You can see all my photos from planning until now here. 

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