100th Day of School Activities

The 100th day of school.

As a high school teacher, it’s just the tenth day of the second semester. But if you are an elementary teacher, it’s a big deal! A. Really. Big. Deal.

With a wife who’s taught both kindergarten and first grade as well as a son who currently in first grade, I’ve heard a lot about the 100th day of school.  From those conversations I created some great downloads that blend together the most popular 100th day of school activities.

$100 Bill Placemat

A $100 bill 11 x 17 placemat where your students can draw a picture of his or her self at 100-years-old on the face of the bill. I also have a regular letter 8.5 x 11 sized one as well.


For the back of the $100 bill placement I have several different options to choose from including a ten frame with snack names listed, a blank ten frame so you can use your own snacks, and an activity page with two 100 themed worksheets.


Instagram themed 100 Year Old Selfie

A popular 100th day activity is having the students imagine what it will be like to be 100-years-old. The students draw self-portraits at 100 as well as write what life will be like at that age in the future. I added a modern twist to the writing / drawing activity by creating an Instagram themed paper handout to do it on.


100th Day of School Writing Prompts and Worksheets 

Using the $100 bill page border I created for the 100th day snack placemat, I have 19 pages of 100th day writing prompts and worksheets. There are several of the obvious prompts like, “If I had a $100 I would buy…”

Here’s four of the 19 pages.

One of the worksheets is this coin flipping handout. A student flips a coin 100 times. Each time the student marks the results–heads or tails. At the end s/he counts how many heads and tails and then adds them together. Pssst, they should get 100.


100th Day of School Headbands

Another popular activity is having the students make 100th day of school headbands.


Check out my 39 page 100th Day of School Super Bundle for only $3. However, for being a loyal reader, here’s a free PDF of the 100 years old self-portrait on a $100 bill as well as the coin flipping handout shown above.

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