How to Make Hot Chocolate Activity

It’s cold outside.

Have your students warm up with a mug of hot chocolate and this How to Make Hot Chocolate writing prompts and worksheets TpT download.


This is an activity that Maribeth does with her first grade students on Frosty Day. Before you make hot chocolate with your students, ask them how. Have them document the steps with this first, next, then, and finally writing prompt.

You can also survey the class to see how they like their hot chocolate: with marshmallows, with whipped cream, or plain. You can build on that by graphing the results.

You can focus on the five senses by asking the students to describe the hot chocolate by responding to the prompt:

  • It looks
  • It feels
  • It smells
  • It tastes

I’ve expanded the activity to include numerous differentiated worksheets such as this hot chocolate tallies and totals page shown below.


The 14 page download can be yours for only $1.29. For being a reader of this blog, here’s a free page from the activity.

Here’s a screen shot for 12 of the 14 pages available in the download.


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