Saw Dust & Moving Heavy Things

A week in and to the causal observer the stage looks about the same as it did last week. But behind the scenes a lot has been happening mainly moving heavy things and making saw dust.

Almost everything–props, set pieces, lumber–for the stage is stored in the aptly named “ramp room.” Unfortunately the ramp room is a few hundred feet down a hall through three sets of fire doors from the stage.

Once you’re there all that’s left is traversing up a 25 foot ramp (hence the name) while pushing loads like these. 

I like to think of this as the thespian society’s version of the prowler crawl. On Thursday repeated trips to the ramp room helped me rack up 16,236 steps or 8.78 miles.

Before every performance we have to haul our pre-made walls, flats, and risers out of storage from the ramp room. Just to drag it all back two months later.

Also this week we had an almost $900 lumber delivery. This should cover a majority of our building supply needs.

With the lumber delivered, we started cutting…and cutting…and cutting. Next week, we’ll begin building the walls. With our framing nailer, the process should go quickly. It might even start to look like we got something done.

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