Building Les Miserables

Possibly the best show I was ever involved with occurred in 2008 when we performed Les Miserables to sold out audiences. Unfortunately this basically predated modern smart phones so I only have a few pictures of the set.

The iconic set piece from Les Mis is the barricade. If memory recalls ours was nine feet tall and 24 feet long. 

Director Erik Welchans wanted the barricade large enough to hold most of the cast. Check. It also need to be able to spin around. Check. It also needed to split apart in half. Could you repeat that? 

We made it happen.
To move the set, we bought these gaint casters each one able to carry 600 pounds. It was a good investment because almost ten years later we’re still using them. 

However, I did find several YouTube clips from the performance. Here’s a clip from “A Little Fall of Rain” where you can see the barricade well.

Other set pieces included the gate. We made it using mostly PVC pipe painted black. 


The bridge which we flew out to give the impression that the character was falling from it as the bridge lifted away. 


A horse cart which Jean Valjean lifts from an innocent bystander. I wish I could say I built it but I did make the berlap bags. 


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